Ever felt like speaking to your smart phone and it responding you back? Google Now has done a great job in this.
Click on Google Now Microphone and try below speeches. They are not specific commands but it is like how you normally speak to other people.

1. Say a movie name/actor name. It will brief you about the movie and the actor.  (e.g. "Frozen Movie")
2. Say "What's the weather like" or just "Weather". Hear for the response.
3. Say "Movies" and get the list of movies nearby.
4. Say "What is the capital of Washington State? " - Wait for the response and Smile.

Google Voice actions on Android 2.3 and above are robust, easy and fastest way to operate your smart phone. They are supported in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. Few commands may not be available in all the languages. Currently voice actions are in Beta.
You can go to Google Now or the Microphone Icon on Google Search widget and say Help. You will get the help with available commands.
Below are few sample voice actions. Why don't you try them out??

SayFollowed byExamples
"Open"App name"Open Gmail"
"What does my day look like tomorrow?"or "Show me my schedule for the weekend."Say "What does my day look like tomorrow?" to see tomorrow's agenda.
"Create a calendar event""Event description" & "day/date" & "time""Create a calendar event: Dinner in San Francisco, Saturday at 7:00PM"
"Listen to TV"Displays TV cards relevant to the TV show that's currently being broadcastWhile a TV show is being broadcast, say "Listen to TV"
"Map of"Address, name, business name, type of business, or other location"Map of Golden Gate Park, San Francisco."
"Directions to" or
"Navigate to"
Address, name, business name, type of business, or other destination"Directions to 1299 Colusa Avenue, Berkeley, California" or
"Navigate to Union Square, San Francisco."
"Post to Google+"What you want posted to Google+"Post to Google+ I'm going out of town."
"What's this song?"When you hear a song, ask "What's this song?"
"Remind me to"What you want to be reminded about, and when or where"Remind me to call John at 6PM."
"Go to"Search string or URL"Go to Google.com"
"Send email""To" & contact name,
"Subject" & subject text,
"Message" & message text (speak punctuation)
"Send email to Hugh Briss, subject, new shoes, message, I can’t wait to show you my new shoes, period."
"Note to self"Message text"Note to self: remember the milk"
"Set alarm""Time" or "for" & time, such as "10:45 a.m." or "20 minutes from now," "Label" & name of alarm"Set alarm for 7:45 p.m., label, switch the laundry"
"Listen to"Play music in the Google Play Music app by speaking the name of a song, artist, or album"Listen to: Smells Like Teen Spirit"
"Play some music"Opens Google Play Music and starts playing an "I'm Feeling Lucky" radio station (only works with All Access)
"Call"The name of one of your contacts"Call George Smith"

Google now also provides few voice enabled interactive searches. Below are few examples

It is really amazing what Google Now does. It has got a much more than we expect and Stay tuned more to come....

Please write in comments, what do you like about Google Now. What amuses you about Google Now?