Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Low Internal Memory Problem Solved on Android

Many android devices , especially Android Cell Phones (HTC Wildfire, HTC Wilfire S, Samsung Galaxy Ace, HTC Salsa, HTC Desire) have the problem of Low Internal Memory or Internal Memory Full. Most of these devices has the internal memory from 180 MB to 512 MB. When you purchase a new device out of the available memory around 40 MB is already eaten by the Andoroid OS, Application related services, Applications which comes pre-installed with your device. It is not that Android OS takes lot of space, but the apps and the related data takes more space.

There are few easy and efficient ways to clear up the internal memory.
Go to Settings->Manage Applications and follow the below steps

1. Move the Applications to SD Card
Check for the applications which are downloaded by you. E.g. Skype, Angry Birds or any other games or apps one by one. In application details if you see the button "Move to SD Card" then you can click on it to move it to SD Card. The application will be moved to SD Card and considerable space will be freed up on your internal memory. In my device I freed up around 15 MB on my internal memory by moving Skype to SD Card. Like wise you can move applications one by one to the SD Card.

If the button reads "Move to Phone", it means the application is already installed on SD Card.

There are few applications which you cannot move to SD Card. In that case the "Move to SD Card" option will be disabled. e.g Google Maps, Gmail, Facebook , Yahoo Messenger etc.

Please Note: I would not recommend moving the pre-installed applications (Applications which comes with your device when you purchased it) to SD card.  

2. Clear Cache
Few applications like Facebook, Gmail creates lot of cache which eats considerable amount of Space. You can delete this cache regularly (approx. once in a two months) to free up some space. After clearing up the cache for facebook in below screenshot, I freed up around 5 MB in my internal memory.
To delete the cache,
 - Go to Settings->Manage Application->Select your application
 - Press "Clear Cache"

3. Clear Data
This feature is bit risky, and should be used for selected applications. Especially, I do not recommend you to use it for your contacts apps even though I read at many places that it will just delete your call logs etc.Clear up the data is like a Factory Reset for the Application. You may loose High Scores, Player Names and other settings for your games. You may have to login again in your applications when you clear the data. In fact, the operating system warns you that you loose user settings, files, accounts when you clear the data.

But few applications like Facebook builds up lot of data. I don't mind deleting this data. All I have to do is, login again in my facebook app. But it frees me up around 10 MB of data.

 - Go to Settings->Manage Application->Select your application
 - Press "Clear Data"

You can take a decision about deleting the data based on your usage and the importance of the application to you.

4. Remove Unnecessary Applications
Go through the applications one by one and decide whether you can live without that app. If yes, you can uninstall it. There might be few application which you have installed and forgot about it. This way you can free up some space for new apps.

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  1. Still not enough memory & I don't have much on my phone!

  2. download 'android assistant' app from android market .v useful app .u can remove all cache wid a 1 click n cn easily uninstall any app .dis app has many mre features :)

  3. Rajinde Singh..

    I Clear Data and Clear Cache data of Facebook and G-mail.
    I get 29MB of free space by using this procedure.


  4. Use link2sd app. It is awesome. Of course, nothings for free, but the price is low: you need a second partition on your sdcard. After that, I manage to have almost 60 applications, some of them very heavy, and still have 71MB free.

  5. i have been using all 4 tips described above for a while now..
    still..the same problem,the internal memory is still very low.
    i installed the "android assistant" app, the features look useful i must admit. yet it only got the memory up to 3% (i had 0.5% free memory before using the app..) i also downloaded "san disk memory zone", according to it i dont have any data like pics, vids etc stored but on the other hand it wont show what's the memory occypied with :S
    any ideas??
    for some reason it wont let me DL ANY other app cause "there is not enough space" although there is some 5GB space on the SD card of my phone..
    thank you

  6. check this:

    i hope it helps you.

  7. Galaxy Ace Internal Memory problem.

    I have read in numerous forums that people are facing the internal memory problem. All the apps store their data/lib files/apk file in the internal memory. Over the period of use, the memory gets full and user has no clue why since he hasn't installed that many apps/games.

    Well, I am no different and suffered the same. I tried various techniques includes Link2SD but the data still gets stored in the internal memory even though the apk is stored in the SD Card.

    Here's a link to my blog and the vital steps to overcome the memory option -- IT WORKS !!!

    Cheers Guys

  8. Here's my latest post to SOLVE THIS PROBLEM to a large extent.

    I have posted the screenshot of my phone too for your guys to see that this method works just fine.. do post your valuable feedback guys.