Monday, November 21, 2011

Sync Photos with Picasa

Now forget the hassle of downloading pictures from your device to your laptop and then uploading it to Picasa.
Just setup the auto sync for your Gallery and all your pictures will be in safe hands forever and you won't loose your memories in any case.

To Setup your device to automatically sync with Picasa
1. Go to Settings->Accounts and Sync
2. Select the Google Account with which you want to sync your photos in Picasa
3. Click on "Sync Picasa Web Albums" to sync the Photos once. Or check the checkbox against it to sync it automatically.

I would recommend you to sync it manually whenever it is needed. Especially when you are on wi-fi. Setting up automatic sync may consume lot of data in your data plan and you may be charged heavily. It may also consume lot of your battery.

This works great with Samsung Galaxy S, SII and HTC Desire. But the feature is available on most the android devices like HTC Wildfire, HTC Wilfire S, Samsung Galaxy Ace, HTC Salsa, HTC Desire

1 comment:

  1. How can you sync all albums from picasa ?

    It used to sync all albums before but now it only shows a few in my gallery (available offline)??